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Pakistan International Airlines Online Booking - How to make booking on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

How to make booking on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

How to make booking on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)
How to make booking on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) offers online booking services through its official website and mobile app. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to book a flight online with PIA:

Visit the PIA Website: https://www.piac.com.pk

Go to PIA's official website.

Search for Flights:

On the homepage, enter your departure and destination cities.

Select your travel dates.

Choose the number of passengers and their types (adult, child, infant).

Click on the "Search" button.

Select Flights:

Browse through the available flight options.

Compare prices, flight times, and other details.

Choose your preferred flights for both departure and return (if booking a round trip).

Review Your Selection:

Check the details of your selected flights.

Review the total cost and any additional fees or services.

Enter Passenger Information:

Provide the required information for all passengers, including full names, contact details, and passport information if applicable.

Choose Additional Services:

Select any extra services you may need, such as baggage allowance, seat selection, and in-flight meals.


Choose your preferred payment method (credit/debit card, bank transfer, etc.).

Enter your payment details and complete the transaction.


After successful payment, you will receive a booking confirmation via email.

This email will include your booking reference number and e-ticket details.

Manage Booking:

You can manage your booking through the PIA website by entering your booking reference and last name.

This allows you to make changes to your itinerary, add services, or check in online.

For any issues or further assistance, PIA's customer service is available to help with your booking. They can be contacted through their call center, email, or social media channels.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is the national flag carrier of Pakistan. Here are some key points about PIA:

Establishment and Ownership:

PIA was founded on October 29, 1946, as Orient Airways.

It was nationalized and became Pakistan International Airlines Corporation in 1955.

The airline is owned by the Government of Pakistan.

Headquarters and Main Hubs:

The airline’s headquarters is located in Karachi, Pakistan.

PIA's main hubs are Jinnah International Airport (Karachi), Allama Iqbal International Airport (Lahore), and Islamabad International Airport (Islamabad).

Fleet and Destinations:

PIA operates a diverse fleet of aircraft, including Airbus A320s, Boeing 777s, and ATR 42/72.

The airline serves domestic and international destinations across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Service Model:

PIA offers a variety of services, including Economy, Economy Plus, and Business class.

It provides both scheduled passenger and cargo services.

In-Flight Services:

PIA offers in-flight entertainment, meals, and refreshments.

Business class passengers enjoy more spacious seating, premium meal options, and enhanced amenities.

Frequent Flyer Program:

PIA’s frequent flyer program is called PIA Awards Plus+.

Members can earn miles for flights, which can be redeemed for various rewards, including free flights and upgrades.

Historical Achievements:

PIA was the first Asian airline to operate a jet aircraft and the first non-Communist airline to fly to China.

The airline has a history of pioneering new routes and services in the aviation industry.

Safety and Maintenance:

PIA has faced various challenges related to safety and maintenance standards over the years.

The airline is working to improve its safety record and operational efficiency.

Customer Service:

PIA provides customer support through various channels, including call centers, email, and social media.

Passengers can manage their bookings online, including flight changes, cancellations, and online check-in.

Challenges and Reforms:

PIA has faced financial difficulties, operational inefficiencies, and regulatory challenges.

The airline is undergoing restructuring and reform efforts to improve its performance and service quality.

PIA aims to provide reliable and affordable air travel to its passengers while continuously working on improving its services and operational standards.

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