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Saudi Visa Services

Saudi Visa Services refers to the range of services provided to individuals seeking to obtain a visa to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These services encompass various types of visas, including tourist, business, work, and religious (Umrah and Hajj) visas. Here's an overview of the key aspects:

Saudi Visa
Saudi Visa

Types of Saudi Visas

Tourist Visa:

Available for leisure travel.

Can be applied for online (eVisa) or upon arrival.

Typically allows for multiple entries with stays up to 90 days.

Business Visa:

For business-related visits such as meetings, conferences, and negotiations.

Requires an invitation from a Saudi company.

Issued for single or multiple entries with varying validity periods.

Work Visa:

For individuals who have secured employment in Saudi Arabia.

Requires a job offer and sponsorship from a Saudi employer.

Includes a more extensive application process with medical examinations and other requirements.

Student Visa:

For individuals accepted into educational institutions in Saudi Arabia.

Requires proof of enrollment and sponsorship from the institution.

Religious Visa (Umrah and Hajj):

For Muslims wishing to perform Umrah or Hajj.

Hajj visas are issued only during the Hajj season, while Umrah visas can be obtained throughout the year, except during Hajj.

Requires sponsorship and sometimes proof of travel arrangements.

Application Process

Online Application:

Most tourist visas can be applied for through the Saudi eVisa portal.

Requires filling out an application form, uploading necessary documents, and paying the visa fee online.

Visa Centers:

For other types of visas, applicants may need to visit designated visa service centers.

Centers offer services like document verification, biometric data collection, and interview scheduling.


Required documents vary by visa type but generally include a valid passport, photographs, proof of travel arrangements, and relevant letters of invitation or sponsorship.

Processing Time:

Processing times can vary, ranging from a few days for eVisas to several weeks for work and student visas.

Key Providers and Platforms

Enjazit: The official platform for processing Saudi visa applications online.

VFS Tasheel: A service provider that handles visa applications and biometric services for various visa types.

Saudi Missions Abroad: Saudi embassies and consulates provide visa services and information.

Important Considerations

Medical Examinations: Some visa types, particularly work and student visas, may require medical examinations.

Sponsorship: Many visa types require a Saudi sponsor, which could be an employer, educational institution, or travel agency.

Regulations and Compliance: Applicants must adhere to Saudi Arabia’s visa regulations and ensure all information provided is accurate and truthful.

Recent Changes

Tourist Visa Expansion: Saudi Arabia has expanded its tourist visa program as part of its Vision 2030 initiative to boost tourism.

Simplification for Umrah Visas: Efforts have been made to simplify the process for obtaining Umrah visas, including the introduction of e-Umrah services.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is advisable to consult the official Saudi visa service websites or contact a Saudi embassy or consulate.

Obtaining a Saudi visa from anywhere in the world involves several steps, depending on the type of visa you need (tourist, business, work, religious, etc.). Here's a general guide on how to get a Saudi visa:

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining a Saudi Visa

1. Determine the Type of Visa

Identify the type of visa you need based on the purpose of your visit:

Tourist Visa

Business Visa

Work Visa

Student Visa

Religious Visa (Umrah or Hajj)

2. Check Eligibility and Requirements

Review the specific requirements for your visa type. Common requirements include:

A valid passport with at least six months of validity.

Passport-sized photographs.

Proof of accommodation (hotel bookings, invitation letter from a host, etc.).

Proof of travel arrangements (flight bookings).

Additional documents based on the visa type (e.g., employment contract for work visa, letter of invitation for business visa, acceptance letter for student visa).

3. Prepare Required Documents

Gather the necessary documents. This typically includes:

Completed visa application form.

Passport-size photographs (meeting specific requirements).

Passport with at least six months validity.

Proof of accommodation.

Proof of travel arrangements.

Additional documents as per visa type.

4. Apply Online (for Tourist Visas)

For tourist visas, you can apply online through the official Saudi eVisa portal:

Visit the Saudi eVisa website.

Fill out the application form.

Upload required documents.

Pay the visa fee online.

Wait for the visa to be processed (usually within a few days).

5. Apply Through a Visa Service Center

For other visa types, you may need to apply through a designated visa service center or the Saudi embassy/consulate in your country:

Visit the nearest visa service center (e.g., VFS Tasheel) or Saudi embassy/consulate.

Submit your application form and documents.

Provide biometric data (if required).

Pay the visa fee.

Schedule an interview (if required).

6. Wait for Processing

Processing times vary by visa type:

Tourist visas are typically processed within a few days.

Work, student, and business visas may take several weeks.

7. Receive Your Visa

Once your visa is approved, you will receive it either electronically (for eVisas) or as a physical sticker in your passport.

Specific Platforms and Providers

Saudi eVisa Portal: For applying for a tourist visa online.

VFS Tasheel: For submitting visa applications and providing biometric data.

Enjazit: The official online platform for processing various Saudi visa applications.

Saudi Missions Abroad: Contact the nearest Saudi embassy or consulate for assistance with visa applications.

Important Considerations

Medical Examinations: Required for work and student visas.

Sponsorship: Some visas require a Saudi sponsor (employer, educational institution, or travel agency).

Accuracy: Ensure all information provided is accurate to avoid delays or rejections.

Updates: Visa policies and requirements can change, so always check the latest information from official sources.

Useful Links

Saudi eVisa Portal


VFS Tasheel

Saudi Embassy Locator

Following these steps will help you navigate the process of obtaining a Saudi visa from anywhere in the world.

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